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Somali Women Pedagogy Leadership

Somali Women Pedagogy Leadership

Somali Women Pedagogy Leadership Meetings:

Voices Of Tomorrow (VOT) in partnership with Center for Ethical Leadership (CEL) brings you Somali Women Pedagogy Leadership (SWPL).  SWPL meetings are held once a month at Voices Of Tomorrow’s office in White Center. These meetings are structured process to bring Somali family child care providers together to build internal-support system, strengthen relationship,  and enhance their leadership skills.This is sacred space for child care providers to retrieve authentic-self, advocacy skills,  and self-empowerment. Through these meetings, individuals use their  narrative to:

  •  Gain  their own voice
  • Speak their own truth
  • Heal/liberate self 
  • Retrieve authentic self 
  • Increase hope and confidence
  • Transfer negativity into positive action
  • Develop cultural perspectives
  • Ways to approach conflicts in non‐ violent and humane  ways
  • How to develop trust and meaningful relationships
  • How to build inclusive communities
  • Developing leadership with the peacemaking principles

Both VOT and CEL use “Peace Circle”  process to conduct these meetings to enable individuals participating to become aware of their inner voices and develop deeper connections with one another. As a community, who have been through severe stages of trauma, xenophobia, racism, Islamophobia, and many other different levels of discrimination, this space is very sacred space for our community members.