Why Focus on Early Learning?

We all know early childhood is the most critical phase of human development and the focus of Voices Of Tomorrow is to create early
childhood awareness in the East African Communities. Voices Of Tomorrow recognizes that early intervention plays an essential role in bridging the opportunity gap for East African children. Our goal is to disrupt the egregious number of East African young children who are faced with real barriers from Early Age.

Please Call our office to learn about our upcoming training at 206-335-8817 and/or 206-370-0489.

Early Learning and Child Development Training

  • Child Care Basic Training
  • Stars/Merit Hours

Personalized Training for both Center and Family Child Care  Programs:

  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition
  • Cultural Relevant Anti- Bias Training
  • Environment setting
  • Supporting children with Special needs
  • Teaching East African children: Guiding principals
  • Guidance and discipline (Behavior Management)
  • Curriculum and Planning