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Somali Women Pedagogy Leadership

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Somali Women Pedagogy Leadership

Somali Women Pedagogy Leadership Meetings:

Voices Of Tomorrow (VOT) in partnership with Center for Ethical Leadership (CEL) brings you Somali Women Pedagogy Leadership (SWPL).  SWPL meetings are held once a month at Voices Of Tomorrow’s office in White Center. These meetings are structured process to bring Somali family child care providers together to build internal-support system, strengthen relationship,  and enhance their leadership skills.This is sacred space for child care providers to retrieve authentic-self, advocacy skills,  and self-empowerment. Through these meetings, individuals use their  narrative to:

  •  Gain  their own voice
  • Speak their own truth
  • Heal/liberate self 
  • Retrieve authentic self 
  • Increase hope and confidence
  • Transfer negativity into positive action
  • Develop cultural perspectives
  • Ways to approach conflicts in non‐ violent and humane  ways
  • How to develop trust and meaningful relationships
  • How to build inclusive communities
  • Developing leadership with the peacemaking principles

Both VOT and CEL use “Peace Circle”  process to conduct these meetings to enable individuals participating to become aware of their inner voices and develop deeper connections with one another. As a community, who have been through severe stages of trauma, xenophobia, racism, Islamophobia, and many other different levels of discrimination, this space is very sacred space for our community members.



Family Child Care Provider Meeting-August 2016

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Voices Of Tomorrow (VOT) hosts quarterly meetings with East African Family Child Care providers residing in King County.  These meetings are intended  for celebration, concerns, and questions about Early Learning policies,  early learning practices, and other miscellaneous topics. These spaces allows providers to be listened, hear, and seen. The topics are emergent, allowing providers to lead the agenda while VOT Staff facilitates the discussion. This is unique approach of  conducting meetings with communities, which allows community members to share knowledge, information, and vision that impacts children and families.

August 20th, 2016  VOT met with  Somali Family Child Care Providers in King County.  These providers had the opportunity to voice out some concerns and questions around  State’s QRIS ( Quality Rating Improvement System) and the pernicious effect it might have on bilingual/monolingual providers who are catering to children and families from their own community. In the meeting providers discussed the question of: Is QRIS approach only in Washington State? Several providers were surprised to learn QRIS is Nation wide system approach and not just an approach in Washington.

There were consensus on the importance of Quality Programs and discussion around what  ‘quality’ means through cultural lenses.

A Somali provider in South King says, ” I want quality care for the children in my care, but I can’t do it without the resources and support.”